Seal attack

Leopard seal attack

Gentoo penguins are the fastest underwater swimmer of all penguins. This one tries to flee for its life as a leopard seal bursts out of the water. Antarctic Peninsula coast, […]

Divided frogs

Divided frogs

Divided frogs. Photo: Bence Máté Divided frogs try to come to the surface after being thrown into the water in Covasna, Romania. The sale of frog legs, often cut while […]

Guernica, Picasso, 1937

Guernica, Picasso

Painted May 1st-June 4th, Paris, France Oil on canvas 349,3 x 776,6 cm Location: Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain The government of the Spanish Republic acquired the mural “Guernica” from […]

Leopard seal and penguin

Leopard seal catch a penguin

A leopard seal hides in a lagoon just before low tide, while waiting to ambush young penguins. This seal caught the penguin by its feet, dragging it to the open […]

Defending his place

Defending his place

On this small remote island live about 150 indigenous people that refuse to have any contact with other humans. Every attempt to set foot on the soil of this island results […]